Thursday, April 16, 2009

Live Life Love

Hey Everyone... This is My First Offical Post!

~ Im sitting in the nursery alone at my church!! What Fun That is lol.. Anyways... I can Hear Nathan singing Our God Is An Awesome God. I Simply LOVE that Song! God is sooo Amazing, and how can we do anything but praise him for he is Amazing and we Love him, well some of us do at least! I think its one of my favorite Worship Songs. Because its all about how awesome he is!! Besides The song my youth group made up.. In Cali, we went to a confrence and heard some songs by a guy named Jake Hamilton! We didnt remenber how they went, so we took like 4 different songs and made them into one. I will post the lyrics later :D

But now he is Singing a song called God of this City.. One part goes "greater things are still to come and greater things are still to become in this city"

If thats true... Then I Cant wait!!!

Peace Easy and Much Love

~ Brittnie

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