Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Hate You

  • I really do, i wish i would have never met you. I wish I didnt have to see ur face everyday of my life. Your driving me insane, your the reason im sick, ugh just leave me alone... u Fucking Prick!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Makes A Hero?

What Makes A Hero?

Is A Hero An Everyday Person? Just living life to its fullest? Or is it the men and woman who stand up and fight for our freedom. Is it a friend, a family member, a person you met on the way to school, or on the way to work? What makes a hero to you? To me, A Hero is everyone i have met. Anyone who i have heard of, or anyone i might know in the future! To me, everyone is a hero! My Heros are amazing. And there is alot of them. Their Ages Range from Newborn to 99 and over. A hero to me, is someone, who helps voice their opinion. They Help out in some way. they contribute to the nation we live in, they help out the people in need. THEY SMILE. Did you know that you can change someones life by simply smiling?
~ One night at church, I was going threw a thing called the fire tunnel (if you want to know what it is, leave a comment and I will tell you! Anyways, A guy named Mark was talking to me, and I looked up at him and smiled, he said you know, you have got an amazing smile, you are going to bring people to god with just one simple Smile.

If we can change the world with smiles, why cant we all just Smile. Why must this be a world of hurt and confusion?

Well Im going to Talk about a few of my heros!

~ Lacey, A hero can be a person dealing with the loss of her beautiful son. Even though she would rather not go on, she does and Brings awareness to Bacterial meningitis.. the Killer of her 3 yr old son Landan!

~ Mindy, A Mommy to 3, well kinda 100. She is amazing and loving. She is always full of love, and even though shes not always perfect, she doesnt let it get her down. She is always there for anyone who needs her.

~ Rascal, My Dog is my hero because he loves me no matter what type of person I choose to be!

~ Jayden, Fighting Cancer everyday. He is truely one of my number one heros. He is 5 years old, but yet, he has been threw alot more than i have! He is a fighter and he keeps fighting. But not only that, he helps others, adults teens and kids! Jayden is Amazing and if you havent met him, your missing out! I Love my Boyfwend!

~Nathan, I cant even explain how much he means to me! I never thought that i could love a nerdy body builder, but I love him more than anything in this world. If he was to vanish, i really dont know how i would survive!!!! Nathan is like a Dad to me, He loves Everyone, even tho, at times we dont deserve it! He gives the most AMAZING hugs EVER. When he hugs you, you can feel the love he has for everyone, and even though, he Squezes so hard, your back my break, you will feel secure.

~ Malia, My Bia bug. Kisses from you are the best! I love your smiles and you make me happy on my worst days.

~ April, Momma in law. Man thats my Girly, and you mess with her, your messin with me, cause she can change your life! She is a mother to 5 kids, and her youngest (my boyfwend) was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma! She is helping to change lifes of others, and she already has changed mine :)

~ Landan, Mr. Bebe. A Beautiful Angel in this world. Fought for his life before his heart couldnt take anymore! He is Amazing and beautiful and Missed beyond words!

~ Gabriel, Gabey Butt, My Life. I have never held another boy that i just fell in love like I did with him. I Love hearing him talk to me, Saying Hi Brit Eee. Or watch Brit Eee. He melts my heart from the hugs to the kisses, the smiles to the crys

~ Bethy Poo, Wow, this chicka is crazy, but shes my crazy chicka! She is Amazing, we have SOOO many stories that you wish you knew hahaha. But yeah.. I Love Hanging with her! Shessss Sexyyyyy.... and she is the only who can sleep in my bed &%#$% (inside joke)

~ Keilana, My Princess, Not Much to say, except she is amazing and has a heart of love!

~ My other Friends... For just being in my Life.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Mr. Snow....

If only I agred with that picture. Simply, I Hate
the Snow. It ruins EVERYTHING. Anytime i have plans.. it snows!! GRRR.. So Black Box Is Canceled... Me Mad At That!! Ughhh.. I wish i wasnt in Colorado at times.. Wanna Trade States? Or Want A Box Of Snow??

Im going to go now, and freeze my butt off!


School Boredum!

School, in my opionion should have never been created... it was created by stupid people hahahha.

But I hate thats its April, Its Snowing, And im Stuck in a classroom! The only time we get snow days..... IS WHEN WE ARE ON SPRING BREAK!

~~~~ Anyways... Black Box Is Tonight... Its My Churchs Talent show :) I'll post a video or pictures of it tonight or tomorrow!

Peace Out, Brit

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Live Life Love

Hey Everyone... This is My First Offical Post!

~ Im sitting in the nursery alone at my church!! What Fun That is lol.. Anyways... I can Hear Nathan singing Our God Is An Awesome God. I Simply LOVE that Song! God is sooo Amazing, and how can we do anything but praise him for he is Amazing and we Love him, well some of us do at least! I think its one of my favorite Worship Songs. Because its all about how awesome he is!! Besides The song my youth group made up.. In Cali, we went to a confrence and heard some songs by a guy named Jake Hamilton! We didnt remenber how they went, so we took like 4 different songs and made them into one. I will post the lyrics later :D

But now he is Singing a song called God of this City.. One part goes "greater things are still to come and greater things are still to become in this city"

If thats true... Then I Cant wait!!!

Peace Easy and Much Love

~ Brittnie